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Chris André Zellmann

Cloud Backsourcing

Over the last years, the trend of “Cloud Computing” has become a firmly established part of the IT sector.
Many providers promise less problems, reductions of costs and, naturally, absolute security true to the motto “off to the cloud and problems vanish into thin air“.

We view this development more than critically, since risks and follow-up costs are often underestimated and miscalculated. There have been mid-tier companies consistently coming to us in the past, which we successfully have moved back from the cloud to on-premise systems.

Benefit from our experience utilize our know-how! The consultants of AZ are your personal contacts when it comes to “Cloud Backsourcing”, no matter if outsourced ERP system or email server, we will get everything back for you!

Not only do we support you with establishing a necessary new infrastructure, but, at your request, we also take care of the whole retrieving process from A to Z.

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A short overview of our services:

  • comparison of solutions/concepts
  • analysis and consulting
  • scheduling & concept
  • project planning
  • communication
  • offers
  • installation of infrastructure
  • retrieving of data & processes
  • maintenance of infrastructure (incl. SLA and monitoring)

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