Service Agreement

Focusing on your main business.

Surely you have found yourself in the following situation before: An urgent EDV related problem has come up and you either cannot reach your service provider or your ticket has been pending for days. This causes discontent as well as a disturbance of your day-to-day business. None of that!

Our service agreement guarantees performance, e.g. response time < 1 hour and user support for problems of any kind. Your concerns are taken care of by our system administrators, while you can focus on your main business.

Give monitoring the attention it deserves.

In order to keep up the executability of your ICINGA 2 monitoring environment, we are here for you with our support. You can choose between four packages differing in range. Prices vary, depending on number of satellites, zones, master servers and the required content of performance.

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IT Monitoring Solutions

Services Simple Advanced Enterprise Platin
Business Hours (MEZ) 8am.-12pm. & 1pm.-5pm. 7am.-6pm. 7am.-6pm. 24/7
Response Time Next business Day 6 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Number of Support Cases 5 15 unlimited unlimited
Discount on Value-added Services 5% 10% 15%
Lines of Communication
Email Support
Phone Support
Access to Ticketsystem
Remote Support via Bomgar/SSH (hours per month) 2.5 10 unlimited
max. Number of Icinga2 Nodes (Master) 1 2 6 individual
Support Add-ons 1 2 6 individual
max. Number of satellites 1 2 6 individual
max. Number of zones 1 2 3 individual
max. Number of Icinga2 Agents 500 2500 individual
Support Icinga2 Director individual individual individual
max. Number of 24/7 cases per year 36


Services Entry Comfort Business Enterprise
Response Time next business day within 4 hours for server related problems within 2 hours for server related problem, 4 hours for client related problems < 1 hour
Business Hours 8am.-12pm. & 1pm.-5pm. 8am.-12pm. & 1pm.-5pm. 7am.-12pm. & 1pm.-6pm. 7am.-6pm., expandable up to 24/7
Fixed Rate in Emergencies none none none none
Remote Maintenance Tool
Monitoring classic* business** enterprise***
Aagon Server/Client Management
Discount on value-added Services 5% 10% 15%
Allotment of hours 2 hours included, additional hours upon consultation**** 4 hours included, additional hours upon consultation
Personal Service Hotline
Personal AZ Contact
Continuous Training & Development and Instruction of the Emergency Tech Team
Development of a Software and Hardware Life Cycle Plan
Documentation of Emergency

* Monitoring Classic: beinhaltet die Abfrage eines sogenannten „pings“ zur Kontrolle, ob das zu überwachende System zur Verfügung steht.

** Monitoring Business: beinhaltet neben der ping Abfrage zusätzlich die Abfrage des Hardware Status (Server, USV, Switche – lediglich der allgemeine „Health Status“), der Windows Dienste, von Virenschutz-Definitionen und des Backups.

*** Monitoring Enterprise: beinhaltet neben der ping, Hardware (alle sammelbaren Informationen/Zustände), Dienste, Festplattenplatz Verbrauch, Virenschutz-Definition und Backup Abfrage noch weitere, individuelle Überwachungen, beispielsweise von Unternehmenskritischen Datenbanken, Maschinen, Schnittstellen wie SAP, Navision, Produktions- steuerungseinheiten etc.

**** 2 Stunden inkludiert: verfügbar ab einem Vertragswert von 900 EUR